Friday, January 31, 2014

Thing #2

The Blog and The Avatar

I have no experience with blogging and I never thought that I would have a blog. I don't think of myself as old but with the rate of new things in technology, I now feel a little older. I have never really been a very tech savvy person and I am the one always talking to someone at a helpdesk to help me with all my technology questions. I was a little hesitant when it comes to starting a blog but so far it has been a positive experience and I am not finding it very difficult but  then again I am only on Thing #2. I never had a myspace account and until Facebook and Pinterest came along I really only used the computer for when I needed it for schoolwork or checking my e-mail.

I come from the mindset that if you put something up on the Internet you can never take it down, it is there forever. This still makes me a little nervous doing a blog for everyone to see. Then again there are so many blogs and so many people the likelihood of someone other than my classmates who are also in the same boat reading my blog is probably very slim. Honestly, I never thought I was an interesting enough person to write a blog.

I had a good time inventing my avatar. I liked all the options that you could choose from to make your avatar like yourself. I think this is a fun thing to do to make a blog a little more interesting. My avatar looks similar to what I think I look like if I was a cartoon. I did have trouble with the background I tried to make it a transparent background but it didn't work out that way. Looking at it now I think the white background is probably best so my avatar doesn't get lost in my blog background. One of my favorite colors is red so I made her shirt and shoes red and she is wearing blue jeans. Some of the other options were funny but not appropriate for a school blog.

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