Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thing #11

Finding Good Feeds

I think the easiest way to find feeds was the google blog search tool. I am the most comfortable with google and I found it easy to navigate. I searched literacy for elementary education and found a good feed to follow. I am excited about getting updates for this. I think the most confusing one for me was the Technorati one. There was so much going on when I first got onto it, it actually took me a minute to fine the search bar to type in my search. I don't think I would really use anything other than the google blog one to be honest. I found Edutopia this way too, which was nice to know that I would eventually get back to this website. I feel like that it means it is a good one to follow. I did find it interesting that some of the blogs I went to had the RSS split into comments and posts, so you can be updated on one or the other or both. I think that was a nice little feature because sometimes people write comments that have other links to good resources in response to a post and I might miss it if I didn't have an RSS for the comments as well. I thought this was a good exercise in ways to find feeds because I didn't even know google had a search for blogs.  

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