Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thing #7

Exploring Flickr

  I have never used Flickr before but I found it easy to use and to find images. It reminded me a little like Instagram with all the pictures people can post. In light of the winter Olympics that are going on, I searched my love of fencing and came across Team USA in their Bronze medal bout against Russia in the 2012 London Olympics. My friend was on this team and my dad was there as her coach so it was really cool to come across these pictures that someone had taken.

I really liked how you could click on the information on the picture and it would tell you all the camera settings that the person used for the picture. I got a very nice SLR camera for Christmas and I thought it helped me knowing the settings people used for their pictures. I thought that this was a nice feature of Flickr for the people who want to take similar pictures. Overall I thought that Flickr was user friendly and easy to look up tags and save pictures. I did however have difficulty citing the picture. Maybe as I get more comfortable using my new camera I will sign up for Flickr. 

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