Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thing #21


This is by far my favorite thing I have done. I may even consider upgrading to make longer videos. This was so much fun and it really does look like I paid someone to do it. It was simple and easy to do. The tutorial was simple and easy to understand. I really enjoyed making this video. I can see myself using this all this time in my personal life and in the classroom. I think that this would be a great thing for back to school night to showcase the student's and their work, of course that would require to sign up for the full features of Animoto but I think that is fine. I have no problem paying for something that I use and enjoy. I think that the 30 second clips would be great for elementary students to use as well for projects that they are working on. I feel that this would be a very useful tool both inside and outside of the classroom. If I do teach in Clarksville, I think that this would be a great thing share with deployed parents or divorced parents as well. A little 30 second video clip of their child is just that little something extra to show parents who aren't able to see their children on a daily basis, what they are doing in school and can be personalized in a matter of minutes for each student.  

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