Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thing #23

Creative Commons

I was excited to watch "A Fair(y) Use Tale" because I love, love, LOVE Disney movies. I have seen all the movies that were used obviously! I think that it was a creative way to learn what copyright is, although I did a little lost at a few points. Overall a great way to be introduced to creative commons and copy right. 

I simply searched "Learning 2.0 23 Things" never realized how popular this was. Here is what I found from one website:

Creative Commons LicenseContent and style for this site is a derivative of the idea and have been borrowed and duplicated with permission, under a Creative Commons License.

I was never really a person that worried about copy right, I always thought it was the notice that came up before movies with something about FBI. I never really paid any attention to it. To be honest before thing #23 I never really even looked at the bottom of the Austin Peay 23 Things page to see that our page had the same copyright and creative commons information. I think part of the reason I never really was concerned with copyright growing up is because we didn't have the technology we have today. I remember putting little c with a circle around it on pictures I had drawn growing up but I never really knew what it all meant. 

Now I think that students today need to learn about copyright and creative commons because we are asking students to do a lot more with technology than we have in the past. Students need to be aware of the guidelines and rules that they should follow when creating something using work from others. It is also important for students to know that they can copyright their own work as well. They can have the same protection under creative commons that many others have as well. I think its also important for me as a teacher to be aware as well. I may want to borrow ideas from others to use in my lesson plans and I would hate to do so without permission, I need to set an example for my students as the right way to do things. I kind of wish that this was one of the first things we did instead of the last one. I only hope that I didn't break any copyright or creative commons rules. I am much more conscience of it now and will continue in the future as well. 

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